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Intellectual Property

A representative listing of Enzo’s U.S. patents follows:

Patent# Title Inventor
5,241,060 Base moiety-labeled detectable nucleotide Engelhardt et al.
5,260,433 Saccharide specific binding system labeled nucleotides Engelhardt et al.
5,013,831 Detectable molecules, method of preparation and use J.Stavrianopoulos
5,175,269 Compound and detectable molecules having an oligo- or polynucleotide with modifiable reactive group J.Stavrianopoulos
5,288,609 Capture sandwich hybridization method and composition Engelhardt et al.
6,221,581B1 Processes for detecting polynucleotides, determining genetic mutations or defects in genetic material, separating or isolating nucleic acid of interest from samples, and useful compositions of matter and multihybrid complex compositions. Engelhardt et al.
5,384,241 Specific binding assay compound with inhibitive self-quenching characteristics S. Kline
5,272,065 * Regulation of gene expression by employing translational inhibition of mRNA utilizing interfering complementary mRNA Inouye et al.
5,998,135 Energy Transfer Hybridization Assay Using Intercalators And Lanthanide Metals Rabbani et al.
5,989,809 Methods For Detecting a Polynucleotide using An Inactivating Reagent and Composition and Kit Comprising Same Wetmur et al.
5,958,681 Branch migration of nucleotides Wetmur et al.
6,358,685 B1 Nucleic Acid Displacer Compositions and Cells Comprising Same Wetmur et al.
6,764,821 B1 Detecting the presence of specific target nucleic acid sequences through stem-loop formation Rabbani et al.
6,743,605 B1 Linear amplification of specific nucleic acid sequences Rabbani et al.
*Exclusively licensed from The Research Foundation of The State University of New York